Postnatal Plan

Many people prepare for labour and birth by attending classes and writing a birth plan – but what about after your baby is born? It is true that you cannot be entirely prepared for life with a newborn, but there are certainly things you can do to be as prepared as possible.

Why not write a postnatal plan for yourself?

A postnatal plan has a similar goal to a birth plan – an opportunity to consider your choices and seek out the support you might want. Life with a newborn in your family , whether it is your first or fifth, is going to be tiring, busy and overwhelming at times between the cuddles and cuteness.

Here is a postnatal plan template which I have created. You can download it and adjust it for you, your family and your circumstances. I hope it is helpful in supporting you to enjoy the fourth trimester with your new baby!

If you are looking for a particular local resource and you aren’t sure where to find it, please do get in touch with me and I am happy to try help out!