LGBTQ and One Parent Families

I embrace and support all family structures, with no assumptions or judgement. I would particularly like to use my doula services to reach out to the LGBTQ community and those who are parenting without a partner. These families often find more challenges in navigating the maternity care system which is friendly to straight married couples, but which can feel a little less easy for other families!

If you are approaching parenting without a partner, you may find you want a doula to provide some extra support whether you are intentionally a one parent family or this was not in your plans. How many parents are in a family does nothing to determine the love and care that it contains!

Myself and my wife are yet to have our children, however in my years of training and practicing as a midwife and in our own preparation for parenthood I have gathered much research about the LGBTQ community experiencing pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I would love to share the experience with you as a friend and ally.

If you are an LGBTQ family you might find my LGBTQ Doula website helpful. The online space has resources from and for the LGBTQ community with personal stories and practical resources. It it currently a work in progress and more information will be finding its way onto the pages soon. If you are looking for some particular information please do ask.