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Birth Doula

Initial Visit

I offer a free initial visit to explore whether I could be the right doula for you. In this 45 minutes – 1 hour session we can answer each others questions and find out what it is you would hope for from having me as your doula. It is important that you feel happy and comfortable with those supporting you during your pregnancy, birth and time as a parent to a newborn.

This appointment can be at any point in your pregnancy, either in person or by video call. Ideally we will begin working together by the time you are 32 weeks pregnant, do enquire as soon as you know you want a doula to check availablity and you can contact me about being your doula anytime up until you have a baby! I will consider booking late in pregnancy as long as I have availability, as some people only find they would like a doula when they are close to their due date.

You may choose to speak with more than one doula to ensure you have found the one who you have the best positive connection with and you feel can help to meet your needs.

During Pregnancy

We will have at least three appointments before your baby arrives, these are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. During these appointments we will have time together to create a positive relationship so you know that in labour you have someone alongside you who knows your individual story and your individual hopes and wishes for birth and meeting your baby.

  • We will spend time talking about your choices and I will support you in making plans for your labour, birth and the early days with your baby.
  • I will provide a listening ear and can help you source evidence based information on your choices and options.
  • We can talk through previous birth experiences and hopes, dreams and concerns for this pregnancy and birth.
  • I encourage your birth partner(s) to be present during these appointments. Supporting someone you love through labour and the birth of a new baby can be a stressful time, I am there to support them too so they feel prepared and confident.
  • These appointments can help to prepare your children for labour and a new baby, if this is not your first. I can help you to support your children in what to expect!
  • You can borrow books and DVD’s from my extensive library during our time working together. I can also share relevant evidence, guidance and resources with you throughout our time together, to help you to feel informed, prepared, reassured and empowered in your choices.
  • I can offer referrals to other local relevant professionals as needed.

These sessions can last up to two hours and we can tailor the focus and content to your hopes and needs. My hope is that you will feel your questions are answered, that you’ve been listened to and that you have a kind and knowledgeable birth enthusiast alongside you though this journey!

I will be contactable between our visits by phone, text and email to provide a listening ear, to offer helpful resources and encouragement. I would be happy to accompany you to some healthcare appointments, if this would feel helpful to have an advocate and support beside you (chargeable at an hourly rate).

The Birth

I will be on call 24/7 from the date we agree on (tailored to your circumstances) until you call me to support you in labour and at your birth. The on call period typically begins at 38 weeks, this can be personalised to you. During labour or while preparing for a planned cesarean birth, I will be by your side so that you are supported by someone you know, offering continuous one to one emotional and practical support to you and your birth partner(s) .

The kind of support I provide will depend on what you feel you need and what we have discussed during our appointments and communication together so far. It may include:

  • Helping you to breath through contractions
  • Providing hip squeezes to relieve the intensity of contractions
  • Making position change suggestions
  • Taking turns to put pressure on just the right spot on your back
  • Fetching drinks for you and your birth partner(s)
  • Being your advocate with healthcare professionals
  • Helping you to make informed decisions
  • Answering your questions and reassuring you and your birth partner(s)
  • An extra pair of hands to fill the birth pool
  • Sitting with your children to keep them calm and reassured

There is no defined list because support in labour is as unique and different as you and your birth are! I will be listening to you and the others present to hopefully provide the right thing at the right time.

I will spend some time with you after the birth whilst you meet your baby and they have their first feed. This is a precious and special time, I am there to check in with you and your birth partner(s) and otherwise make cups of tea! I can help you all to settle and be cosy before I leave you to get to know each other as a new family.

If you would like, I will bring my camera with me to take some photographs during your labour, birth and the first moments with your baby. I am not a professional photographer, but if you wish to have some memories of this time in photos I am happy to help capture those. Many parents treasure these photos for years to come.

The Early Postnatal Days

I would like to see you again after the baby has arrived! I offer one visit after the birth. This time can be to discuss and debrief your birth experience, admire your new baby and find out how you are adjusting to life with a newborn (whether it is your first or fifth).

  • We can discuss your birth story and explore how the experience was for you and your birth partner(s). It can be positive to talk this through with someone else who was there.
  • We can spend some time to talk about how life with your new baby is and how you are really finding it. I am there to hear the joys and the struggles.
  • I can offer referrals to other local professionals as needed.
  • I can help you to source evidence based information on your choices and options for the first few weeks and months of postpartum life, what is also known as the ‘fourth trimester’.
  • You can borrow books and DVD’s from my extensive library.

This session will last up to two hours and we can tailor the focus and content to your hopes and needs. I will be contactable for up to six weeks postnatally by phone, text and email to provide ongoing support and a listening ear.

Further postnatal doula care and support can be provided by arrangement, further information can be found on my postnatal doula page, or I can refer you to other local postnatal doulas.


As I am currently a ‘mentored birth doula’ with Doula UK my fees are reduced, please get in touch with me to discuss.

This includes of all of the above and my travel costs. This cost takes into account my experience and the time and care I offer you.

Please refer to my fees page for further information.